– God is in control; believe in that –
being slack is the devil’s handiwork,
so are troubles
in our everyday
lives. every event IS either him allowing it,
or is
His handiwork, if He has allowed it to happen;
must be on the grand scheme.
trust that whatever does happen, is for our own
good.  be readythank God for the trials;
times try to figure it out. by your/our lonesome.
trust in the fact, that He may not
be the cause, or it’s result, do believe you me. He is right beside every trouble we
do endure, endure, that’s the key definition everyone should know.
Faith is our
need; to have, even before the trial, understand: and He knows what’s going to
be it’s outcome, and every path His fragile children, we do need to keep the faith.
endure is to show patience. say to yourself:  His angels surround you, me, everybody
that He is the Father of all. believe it will occur, and it will; with His help.
and His hand will make it so.

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