found an interesting book

grace abounding to the chief of sinners

copyright 1959, by The Moody Bible Institute

It is John Bunyan’s first book, written from prison.

It us an autobiography which focuses on the stages of

his religious pilgrimage — his early conflicts, his rebellion

against God, terrible sense of guilt, illumination from a Bible,

his conversion, his call to service and final thoughts. We Love God

Grace Abounding is a unique insight into the life of one whose courage

and uncompromising resolve brought to birth an undying testimony of an

abundant Christianity. It is the classic account of the struggle, the persecution

and indomitable faith that left an immeasurable impact on the world.

hear, if you want…

such a stupid assumption. don’t know how a

22 year old should be hampered by rules and

regulations: be a good little egg, drunk-driving

just about murdered me in the great state of TX

but, yes, there is but; some people think David is

just a “somebody’ that will give up on life for such

ability being handicapped in 1992. neigh neigh, the

best has yet to come. “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing”

the finale is not yet.

Official Lyrics: money moans calls you home vacant

eyes they won’t tell a soul you fooled me once now I’m

twice as old see I ain’t gonna lie but I ain’t gonna phone

you no I ain’t gonna try to forget what I’ve gone through

got a little box, yeah that I’m gonna open take your promises

cause they’ve all been broken everybody knows about what you

do everybody saw and sold the truth I was young and gullible but

baby I grew and now the whole worlds watching you hands to the

bone hands to the heart bodies alone they hide in the dark but is it

a fight worth fighting? see I ain’t gonna lie but I ain’t gonna hold back

or try to deny you turned a damn good heart black got a little box yeah

that I’m gonna take back don’t make your promises cos I’m finished with

all that everybody knows about what you do everybody saw and sold the

truth I was young and gullible but baby I grew and now the whole worlds watching you

Published by - - dig: Lee said told me that then she would help. Ask LeeDavila: as we recorded our first album - one take, there was, still is a HOT babe in the spiritual realm that was going to hang duuring the 14 hours used at AIRPLAY STUDIOS in Bryan/College Station, Texas and that we would feel her. I DID when Jonathan Chamrad and i shouted "Yee-Haw!" mid song [J.C. was the first voice in that song: "Yee-Haw!"] Dave's voice perfectly cracked, listen, that oddity fits iN perfect like... dAVE took Lee Cammack's at her word, so in Kevin Bomar's studio, so... after that Saturday afternoon's recording-time Lee came at me with a smile, see, Lee was there! so; anyway, that weekday i told her to listen up, because my college-band was going to be on the radio... and she could tell those she wanted to that that horn is her friend! then.. that weekend arrived. senior party at the holiday inn, Freeport. understand people, there IS spiritual for those who believe NOT in a nonchalant manner. to my loved friend, she's around all the time. hope you meet her on THIS side of reality. recall: ask, it shall be given thee. stunningly accurate. hey, anyone there? digital character leave SO much to be desired, t's like virtualsex that just doesn't work. yup, there is no virtual AIDS. or unwanted kids, or those annoying std's

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