it was nice while it lasted; however it was just a vehicle, to garner joy; dig…

Nina is very.

master at composing joy.

It’s nice to think she knew what

a musical inspiration was in ’83.


you know? it’s just fine

USA  – 10/11/96 – 5:25 PM

Published by - - dig: Lee said told me that then she would help. Ask LeeDavila: as we recorded our first album - one take, there was, still is a HOT babe in the spiritual realm that was going to hang duuring the 14 hours used at AIRPLAY STUDIOS in Bryan/College Station, Texas and that we would feel her. I DID when Jonathan Chamrad and i shouted "Yee-Haw!" mid song [J.C. was the first voice in that song: "Yee-Haw!"] Dave's voice perfectly cracked, listen, that oddity fits iN perfect like... dAVE took Lee Cammack's at her word, so in Kevin Bomar's studio, so... after that Saturday afternoon's recording-time Lee came at me with a smile, see, Lee was there! so; anyway, that weekday i told her to listen up, because my college-band was going to be on the radio... and she could tell those she wanted to that that horn is her friend! then.. that weekend arrived. senior party at the holiday inn, Freeport. understand people, there IS spiritual for those who believe NOT in a nonchalant manner. to my loved friend, she's around all the time. hope you meet her on THIS side of reality. recall: ask, it shall be given thee. stunningly accurate. hey, anyone there? digital character leave SO much to be desired, t's like virtualsex that just doesn't work. yup, there is no virtual AIDS. or unwanted kids, or those annoying std's

4 thoughts on “it was nice while it lasted; however it was just a vehicle, to garner joy; dig…

  1. Reblogged this on Jesus CHRIST's and commented:

    hoping you heard, Good Lord;
    1991 2020-1991 almost 30 ago.
    with some of the stuff going
    on on this planet more decent
    to gain the relationship with
    our lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    He will help us weather storms.


  2. His gentle Touch
    life lesson

    Money without love is a number. Money with love is to share. Happiness without love is false. Happiness with love is real. Life without God is existence. Life with God is to live.

    Click here to recieve the Life Lesson by email.


    I believe in God

    I believe we are His children and that He lives in each of us and that He wants us by His side forever.

    I believe He has a Grand Plan and each of us has a part.

    I believe we are all connected, not only to each other but to every creature that God has created.

    I believe that He guides us every day with subtle signs so that we may have a better life and be by His side forever.

    I call them His gentle touches.

    Have you ever hesitated at a stop sign only to have a car zoom by that would have hit you if you had not? What made you hesitate?
    His gentle touch, I believe.
    Ever had the urge to call a loved one or a friend for some unknown reason only to find out that they were in desperate need of a helping hand or just someone to talk?
    His gentle touch, I believe.

    God is all around you if you take the time to see Him.
    God is always talking to you if you take the time to listen to Him.
    If you do, your life will never be the same.

    To be in touch with God, you need only to reach out to Him by yourself or with others that believe as you do.
    He is always by your side.

    I offer some of my personal prayers. You may use them as a guide to writing your own. They have been a comfort to me in time of need as well as a means to thank God for all that He has given me.


    Father, I thank You for this day. Forgive what I have done wrong and guide me with
    Your gentle touch.


    Father, watch over those that I love, show them Your tender mercies, remind them that
    they do not walk alone and guide them with Your gentle touch.


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