do look then learn; IF we take heed

look away!

if we pay attention

do any who heard these doings so many years ago even care? you, Eric, knew stuff about it;

but in your usual character you laid low; only watching. paying attention to things beneficial.

look and learn, or toss it away; choices abound in this and that life. do believe: you are lead.

Chip succeeded, it’s assumed Greg is a success. Katie the Flag is a success in Dallas, living HER

dream she had. Kim is where she expected; but worry finds a seat: a too aware consciousness

that recalls the words we traded in your Dad’s front yard. we were sneaky, were we? life is not

too expected by some; but you and Eric heard the same spaced-out hoped for and intended din.

it’s hoped for, as was imagined a safer point in life. hope you were not losing when having that

that huge front lawn catered to; weekly? monthly? TX grass grows fast and high. Did you get to

know my neighbor, on Driftwood, who began his lawn-mowing business while he was still in a

middle school we both went too? Mr. Todd would be proud. Where’s Jimmy G. cowboyn’ still?

June 6, 2020 11:54.44AM

We should continue our faith by steering clear of unwholesome practices, as a rule, not merely,

but as a Rule. Kim, your soul is still as great as it ever was; most should understand that this NC

it’s population [ it’s 12:00 ] is mostly righteous in respect of behavior. Calmness reigns in this big

faith community. Reading in Titus 5:

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