oo Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Whereas the above image is not exactly David, his parents saw this scene in Houston, at BenTaub Hospital; at age 22, David Buckle, was struck by drunk running a red light when attending college: SHSU, in Texas.

The above tragedy is not an exact response in all patients; the brain is a wondrous organ. Where no physical brain matter regenerates or grows anew; the sheer power of the human brain to use the vast amount of brain matter none of us ever use; the UN-used parts of the brain to be RE-trained to compensate for the portions that are/were shredded at the point of impact, that being vastly different for each incident/accident. There was a fella in the room next to mine at The Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation by the name of Harold. He suffered a really bad head injury. He screamed for weeks, if not months.

Charlotte TBI Rehabilitation
think about it
do pray you do not have a head-injury
He Is Alive
Every U.S. Farmer is the better of U.S.
This is happening? THIS YEAR? wherever air is, ya think?

the 3rd blog


at The Arcade, 3rd ‘n Tryon

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the War Room no one person can ever say a whisper of idea that David urged a person, whether female or not, to do anything that had not been a part of their own character. Keeping so still and quite about subjects, the one at hand for this little note IS Faith in God. Let you know that i've just turned fifty; and in the brief shade of 'the responsible thing' to do in no way is meant to fool, cajole, even force my own personal belief's on any of you netizens who are reading these few lines. We believe all that we do. David Buckle believes in God and even His Son

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