‘ve got something to tackle. the thing is a certain, sly, outwardly insignificant item that does fly

under the usual current so many call a virtual home. by stating this is in no way inferring that i

know jack-squat about the inner working of this here internet we all so enjoy playing or, for the

some who might recognize this ‘internet’ as a method. a method to use to theoretically fly a not

too elevated pond de ability, sometimes creating a vanity that is very dangerous… especially in

the brains that gestate significantly destructive endeavors. now, understand that the effect of a

patience laden ‘plan of attack’ poses a very significant danger. describing the supposed invisible

activity that we hope to illuminate the mass of newbies: hopping onto/in the world wide web as

the new ‘toy/friend’ time consumer that’s constantly available, completely unexpurgated ability

to enact so many vast windows to each human who has payed enough, sometimes NOT enough,

attention to use each one of our’s “internet.” be safe and be aware of ‘lurkers,’ spam-bots, and a

great many scam-artists who could not care, in the least, of those so tragic outcomes they incur

be careful out there.

Even My most faithful followers often err in not claiming of Me healing and perfection for every part of their being.

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