For Sinners Only


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This is a book about sinners, for sinners, by quite a big sinner. You may not like it. You may even hate it, as some are sure to do. You may dislike the theme, for, though it introduces lovely people, it comes to grips with an unlovely subject. And solves its riddle. You may dislike the characters as they are limned in print, but not in real life. As they are all living, you may encounter them yourself someday, and discover their excellence. At least one will live on as an historic figure when this generation has merged with the ages. Perhaps many. Meanwhile, none can disprove the contents of this book or avoid its challenge. The story is true; the challenge is to you.

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Author: Captain A J Russell
Pages: 260
ISBN: 9781483704555
Format: Epub, PDF
File size: 18.59 Mb
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Captain A. J. Russell did not photograph celebrities,

His peers and superiors recognized the quality of his works,

but as with other unassuming photographs of the Civil War, many

of his pictures were later attributed to Brady. Yet he is unquestionably

a major figure in 10th-century American photography, a pioneer in every

sense: was one of the only two or three official Civil War photographers, perhaps

the only one who was also a soldier; after the war he headed west to become the official

photographer of the Union Pacific Railroad as it breached a frontier. Russell’s frontier

photographs came to be better known than those he took as engineer-photographer

with the elite Railroad Construction Corps,was attached to General Grant’s Military

Railroad. These early experiences in military photos, however, aside from their

contribution to photo-technology development, did prove Russell remarkable

camera artist. Here, reproduced from one of those few surviving scrapbooks

of his photographs, are 116 rare prints, never before published, restoring

were, largely, forgotten artist to an audience ready to appreciate him.

Russell’s duty of the recording of the activities of the crucial Railroad

Corps as it helped movement of Union Army through Virginia; in the same

time, he witnessed and chronicled the campaigns of Fredericksburg, Petersburg,

Brandy, and Alexandria, and was there to photograph Richmond in ruins. He documents

not only tracks, bridges, depots, and engines of war, but surrounding scenes: Bull Run, Meade’s

headquarters at Culpepper and Brandy, burying the dead after the battles of the Wilderness

and Spotsylvan Court House, Lee’s residence at Arlington, “Fort Hell” – “Fort Damnation,”

Libby Prison in Richmond, Smithsonian Institution, the Capitol, a heretofore unseen

photograph of Lincoln’s funeral car. The full-page panoramas capture the wastage of

war that so shocked the civilian publi; when first exposed to photographs of battles.

There are also “aesthetic” shots, landscapes such as those Great Falls on the Potomac,

which offer relief. New captions and a Preface fill in historical, bibliographical. Collection

of views by a professional military photographer, perhaps the very first; his profession, is this

archive of engineering triumph;a human loss; students of the Civil War will discover views un-

seen standard works, lovers of photography will rediscover Russell an early master of the art.

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