light in to dark

what will happen?

The sin-infected grant God the same respect middle-schoolers give a substitute teacher. seen, but not taken seriously..

see Celestine Prophecy saw’t

or do an eXplore some blogging stuff \o/ pix

Uncategorized –  1/14/202111:21:33PM

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Published by Faith in Him ✞ = Joy in Austin we chill on 7th we may catch a clue what needs to be done at the post office today? it's now 2:15.07 am am June 25th, 2021 - dig - archive - archive dig it, or don't; that's what we have named pride ✞ oi! Dwell with Me, and in doing so you admit those you love to the right of entry. If their thoughts follow you as human friend, a helper, they are drawn in thought, later in love, to Me with whom you live.

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