for a second time

for a second time

just now and a third?

they say this will be deleted from Google in five days? who ‘they‘ are i have not even half a clue.



PATRIOTISM is ugly this time.

See this ‘r not. ‘s all up to you!

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uh, people will regard this as

foolishness; may be… do you?

Hi there sledgehammer

super Annotated Cover


Nina Hagen

Released June 12, 1982

Once upon a time
When Jesus was walking down his way on Earth
He met this man who was possessed by a demon
And Jesus asked the man
“Why do you speak so funny?
And why do you behave like that?”
And the man said
“Well, Jesus, because I am possessed by a demon”
“Go out!” Jesus said
And the demon went down into the pig
And the pig went running away screaming
And the man was free
Do you see?
If you only could believe,” Jesus said
Everything is possible for those who believe

The real Bukashkim is our neighbour
His face is grey as Pravda-paper
But like balloons of blue or red
Bright antiworlds float over his head

The black hole of Einstein is a real thing
But without the real roots, it´s an abstracting
Anti Bukashkim, the academican
Left in the arms of Lollo brigida

NorwegianCruiseLine – NorwegianSpiritBlog



Black hole, black magic~oh, so tragic
Anti-fantastic, an anti-hell
Glorious Bible, dynamic message
It´s like to clean an anti-mess

Devil´s paradise is anti-religious
Anti Bukashkim is not into it
He´s a scientist, a real believer
In anti-world and anti-meanings

Black hole, black magic—oh, so tragic
Anti-fantastic, an anti-hell
Glorious bible, dynamic message
It´s like to clean an anti-mess

Devil´s paradise is anti-religious
Anti Bukashkim is not into it
He´s a scientist, a real believer
In anti-world and anti-meanings


Neiget eure Ohren her, und kommet her zu mir!
Höret! So wird eure Seele leben
Denn ich will mit euch einen ewigen Bund machen
Daß ich euch gebe die gewissen Gnaden Davids
Siehe, du wirst Heiden rufen, die du nicht kennst;
Und Heiden, die dich nicht kennen, werden zu dir laufen
Um des HERRN Willen, deines Gottes
Und des Heiligen in Israel, dann an Jesus
Wer dich herrlich gemacht hat vor dem HERRN
Suchet den HERRN, solang’ er zu finden ist!
Rufet ihn an, solang’ er nah ist!
Die Gottlosen haben nicht Frieden
Spricht der Herr
Dein Gott ist König
Hebe deine Stimme

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1983…  upon hearing ENGLISH

BEAT’s horn section asked for


ME. was just two years into the

trumpet, wasn’t bad, wasn’t too


had cassettes.  THE SPECIALS

yea, THAT’s what ‘ want… ok?

it’s real, whatever

you want; if it fits

in His plan, you’ll

eventually you will;

it; by praye make the request to Him


wants to provide for YOU, U.S.

if in God’s will, you’ll have it.

We, as American
citizen’s were told
and expected that;
almost commanded
all, NOT some but all
enemies, foreign and
DomestiC. George did
have a European sense
of humor, did he not? si’


Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood was clever.

Lord, We thank you for this day, where suggesting may go public: FIGHT he that hates U.S.

The Book of Enoch It is God’s timepiece. Not ours War is hell, Americans: see Iraq Fatalities: 4900

Forgive U.S. that which we have done wrong; guide U.S. plz.


https full movie: BillyJack Vietnam Vets wake up you sleeple

draft dodgers be damned Whoever snuck that ‘s’ in fastfood was clever.

Lord, We thank you for this day, where suggesting may go public: FIGHT he that hates U.S. a Book of Enoch It is God’s timepiece. not ours



Forgive U.S. that which we have done wrong; guide U.S. plz.

will be so proud of yourself.

music is the voice of angels is tune,

out of tune tones warp our minds,

notes of disruption – you do not need

to get involved, just know what’s happening.

like i said: pro-abortionist will not be in a source

of legislation. they just need, to accept defeat at the

attempt to circumvent honesty. God bless you all, in spite

of your wrong opinion. argue with U.S., only does you no go0d,

but serves up much more to refute the demoncrapic stuff they are

try to subvert the shallow popularity. not to point fingers, you know

who you are to attempt to fool our patriots the USMC will never let such

shit to get realized, it won’t occur. all you commie bastards. God has a last

battle cry; don’t worry, socialism is communism in diapers. o/

Much to learn, less to teach; some people do require personal tragedy to awaken themselves; to rehabilitate themselves (their thinking noodle; stuffed inside their cranium) as to think as a child. that is counting that they, you, me, some had considered Him at their early ages; when our mounds of opinion were not so soiled by other’s mindsets. we had always had questions: what about THIS? what about THAT? WHAT is REALLY WHAT? you know, it is not hard to react when we felt as though questions were only throwing a wrench in another’s mind. and in such case it was not specified that we took EVERYTHING to prayer. it’s STILL an ongoing conversation, a not so informal conversation that needed, in the younger decade’s any ‘signposts or fixed stoplights’ for U.S. to act. i HAD frequently not asked directions. as of now we speak to Him a great deal. replete with question that are often answered, even if only in our own little life’s soundtrack song, as far back oXford, AL in the year 1973, Dad was in Japan.

To abide in His love for U.S. is to make His Love is YOUR home. It’s not being a park alongside any road or a hotel that you occasionally visit, but your preferred dwelling. You may rest in Him. Eat in Him. When thunder claps, you step beneath His roofing. His walls secure U.S. from those winds. His fireplace warms U.S. from the winters of life. You know; when you see a lego-set that you really, really want to own? The visions dance inside your mind of what, exactly what, you will be creating with those wonderful blocks of plastic? This demands imagination in kids that are so consumed by the world of images. It is now, they/you can create reality. i hear ya Lord…
let us get current, for our own sake.

h b/, m
The Change
There’s no such
a thing called death
It’s just a transformation,
yeah yeah yeah
Boy George Roman
and Queen Elizabeth
All go from station to station
There is no end, it always goes on;
There’s no end for you, there’s no end not for me
mon cherie

It’s true {yodel}, don’t be blue {yodel}
When we lay down receiving life’s crown
Open your eyes right now
Oh please be nice anyhow
It’s gonna be no end for me

You fight with others just
because we aren’t
all Accumulating
rubbish inside yourself
You have to throw it out,
yes you have to throw it out
Human relationships are just so-so today
It’s not too deep and darkness stands in our way
How about the light, I’m finished with the night

There is no end,
always goes sTake my hand
And then we go the way,
decide if you’ll
leave or if
you’ll stay
Say, what
you say?
hey hey hey

Our religions have to fight with one another
JUST because we have the same father and mother
We shouldn’t think them strange
So we have to do the change, the change

And our children live in danger and in sorrow
Who knows if they’re not radioactive by tomorrow?
We shouldn’t think it strange but we have to do the Change

Yes we have to do the Change
We have to do the Change (4x)
The Change, the Change, the Change

When we don’t wake up now, who knows if we wake up at all!
We’re so important and wish we would not fall
Deep down with Babylon, where’s everybody gone?

It’s true {yodel}, don’t be blue {yodel}
When we lay down receiving life’s crown
And then we go the way, decide if you’ll leave or if you’ll stay
Say, what you say? C’mon, hey hey hey

It’s true {yodel},
don’t be blue {yodel}
When we lay down…

Nina Hagen – Unity | Lyrics
Let’s enjoy! Invalid entry To deny charges hang up now
to accept charges press now to deny charges And never receive a new
Nina Hagen – Alchemy of Love | Lyrics
Come to you across the divide Looking out a wrinkle in time There’s nothing less
I would do Than to stand up for truth In the cold dark ways Of this lonely place
Nina Hagen – Don’t Kill the Children | Lyrics

Posted on
November 11, 2020 6:55.11M, 2020
Faith in in these UNITED STATES in
spite the stuff going on in the west

November 11, 2020 at 6:47.02PM


hi Lee! Thank You so!

Don’t kill the animals Don’t kill the animals The animals are
free Eree-eee Don’t kill the animals Don’t kill the animals The
Nina Hagen – Starlit Hour | Lyrics
Love here in the starlit hour Oh, heaven is in your eyes While the wind is
sobbing Under the stars Both our hearts are throbbing two guitars Love here in
Nina Hagen – All Over Nothing at All | Lyrics
Ooh, all over nothing at all You built me up to a waterfall We made up and then Quarreled again All over nothing at all You pinned a note to the wall I thought at
Nina Hagen – Fever | Lyrics
Never know how much I love you Never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a fever that’s so hard to bear You give me fever when you kiss me
Nina Hagen – If You Ever Should Leave | Lyrics
If you ever should leave Why would I want to live? Darling, you must believe
won’t you try to forgive? What a fool I would be If I fooled with your love for me
Nina Hagen – Rainbow | Lyrics
Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high There’s a land that I heard of Once in a
lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to
Nina Hagen – Rhythm & Romance | Lyrics
Rhythm and romance Romance and rhythm Taught me to sparkle anew Brought me the remarkable you, sweetheart Rhythm and romance Romance, rhythm An inconceivable
Nina Hagen – The Lady Loves Me | Lyrics
She loves me, she loves me not She loves me, she loves me not She loves me,
loves me The lady loves me and it shows In spite of the way she turns up her nose
Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen

Catharina Nina Hagen; born March 11, 1955, in (communist) East Berlin. An opera prodigy at age 9, in East Germany by age 17, she emigrated to West Berlin by age 21.
have it that she was kicked out for being too “punk rock”. The Urban myth is false, reality.
Nina Hagen since became a household name in most Europe, as singer-songwriter
actress with, the reputation as wide as her 5-octave vocal prowess, from the
unheard freak” to the “inspiring diva-divine goddess of music” die hard
devotees choose a version of latter “descriptive”, various language

“the Mother of Punk” Giorgio Moroder produced fourth,
LP: Fearless, the un-punk album, and too strange to
dub as purely pop/new-wave record. It yielded a
Top 10 12” night club dance track in the U.S.,
Nina’s original “New York, New York”,
opera chops intact.Ten years ago,
Nina’s commercial career began at
Automobil, with a hit in East Germany,
in the formerly Soviet-controlled Eastern
“GDR” Bloc of Germany, “Du hast den Farbfilm
Vergessen”. Translation: “You Forgot the Colour Film”.
The 1974 song wasn’t “punk”, but lyrics? An ambiguously
clear metaphor, a clever jab at the constraining drab “gray”
of wall-bound East Germany. Luckily the Soviet authorities did
not execute Nina nor Automobile’s musicians for such subversion.
The music was and remains just too musical. It even has a video; too.

“The Mother of Punk”? Nina’s prominence in the punk and new wave “scenes”
late 1970s and early 1980s began in earnest with 1978’s “The Nina Hagen Band”.

Since then, Nina’s colorful, prolific career, including film – stage acting, on-camera political/religious zeal (particularly as a “Talk Show” personality), and sought-after “guest vocalist” (many, many songs by varied and numerous acts feature Nina’s vocals) has, in the U.S., been relegated to that of a 3-album cult artist, if measured by American label-support. Youtube, drenched with official and unofficial-Nina Hagen cornucopias, does her “influence” justice

and U.S. flavored streaming sites include her insane-alternative
1982 NunSexMonkRock (originally on CBS Records), her 2001
“comeback” album, Return of Mother, her Christian-blues-
alterna-country-gospel-covers, 2010’s Personal Jesus.

Nina’s repertoire of 15 studio albums includes
her 1999 double album of Vedic chanting
Om Namah Shivay, released for charity.

Generally, her “spiritual” nature,
often conveyed in her music.

Was “Personal Jesus”
THE “devotional.”


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deny ones self
never watch, for that signals desire, that is one of the favorite tricks used against U.S. to fill it’s own dwelling. wear the fuller armor of Him. build your attempt. we are going to end up mediocre in that

struggle we experience His Grace. He chooses for us to experience virtue. everything we human’s do find ourselves faced with is allowed by God. He allows demons in life to test us. to make choices to

go either direction. we all have free will. choose the key to our Heavenly home. each time that very bitter beelzebub succeeding: introducing an idea into the mind. images that we have allowed into a

our mind at any point. that is why we should avoid lust i:e pornography. pay attention to that cue, of 9:09 of 1:03:02 in this best explaining the trials most men face. image that had been already there.

this is why the viewing of pornography is but a license to satan: to remind (U.S.,) of those pictures in or memory, whether deep or shallow the idea. imagined events hoped for; it being physically active

with those unfortunate souls into whatever image or photographs, dot the mind of an onlooker. in a devious, a desirous or wanting fashion. in so marring the consciousness’ landscape we all own. our

brain. all the impurity we sometimes invite into our heads create guilty fear, perhaps shame. we all know right from wrong. it is the balance that satan wants to help us tip the scales into sin. that tiny

scale; there is our choice: yea or na. be fearless and understand that the battle has always been in each of our mind. remember that Christ died to counter the human reaction to sin. if you only did

believe. everything is possible for those who believe. the gate to which Jesus has the key to, in no unsurmountable barrier. the choice to allow Him to provide the quickest, sweetest avenue from is

ours for the reception. once A conscious decision to accept the help and Grace to fight the battle inside yourself there can be that expected peace that whichever evil desire to keep us all from it.

Thank you very much.

is it that our pages are just unpopular? or are they not stifled?
we have no clue. having been here for about three years we’d
THINK someone would contact us, about ads or anything. is the
stance to NOT provide a cut off of any monies incurred via our four
pages the reasoning it just plainly seems we are ghost of our sights… bah


we do not doubt – truly now this has nothing to do with having doubts, ever.

MADD Don’t get behind the steering wheel of an automobile drunk anytime; much more in this coming 2020 holiday season; this coming season. when or if you see another about to being presented with the opportunity, know it will be them/you/that couple. think of us expressing warning to you. know that it is not only your life that could/will ruined.


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David Buckle

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be fearless – NH – truethis – NO12122oW – KNZ Donald is a winner,


look away






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The Chosen One (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation Todd Rundgren

vimeo.onlizinenet linkedin/onlizinenetblog


UCVW-2rLA1wXXr32fmeF3bHg Reggae Central Kugler’s Studio Dean Forsythe


God met me with open arms”

Nina Hagen on loss experience in her childhood and youth

oo – Mrs. Hagen, you were a child , your mother, Eva-Maria tried to kill herself.

Nina Hagen: Yes, that was a big shock abandonment. Then you suddenly see that they are not the center of life is. My mother wanted me to live alone. She must have forgotten how much she loved me. I always wanted to protect her. I had such dreams in which my mom on the road running around naked, because I wanted to say you love so much that I think it sucks that they should put on something, anything.

oo – But your father was there for you?

Hagen: Yes, I was his one and only. But when he began to be unfaithful and being fair to deal with others, came for the first time in my life up the jealousy. Jealousy is indeed the fear that one is not loved. And this loss of experience was repeated again and again. My first love, where I thought we would get married, was also common to tell Sun

oo – Was there a rescue of this loss aversion?

Hagen: I was a child who always longed for God. Loved me and lifted to feel, not just here and now, but forever and ever. And God is with me, arms outstretched, in fact accom-modated. He never said, “Oh no, Nina, you’re not good enough. From today you are no longer my daughter. “So what would never do!

oo – How did you meet him, you know so exactly what he does what he does not?

Hagen: I was 17 and wanted to know. I wanted proof of God the herbeizwingen. I have taken LSD, because I had heard that some people make it as the natural order in relation to contact with God. The result was an LSD trip, which consisted only of pain. It was hell. I was at the border between this world and the hereafter. And as I said, “Dear God, help me!” And immediately he came and said, “Nina, I am here to help you too.” And I suggested to the eye and was in a beautiful world. Peaceful Bliss. And God looked me in the face; and I realized: He loves me just as I loved a man has never yet, and no man can ever love like! And then I asked Him: “Are you going away again like all the others?” And He said: “I was always there, I’m always there, and I’ll be there forever.”

oo – What has made so sure that this encounter with God only an LSD hallucination was not? Sounds a bit like …

Hagen: Talk to people who had a near death experience, which tell you the same thing: there is the Dimension of The Eternal Home.

oo – Don’t your friends say: “Nina, you’ve got a crack in the bowl”?

Hagen: Nope, they have listened interested. Because I am so authentic. But I realized that my experience really only makes sense to me. For other people this is an interesting fact report, but their faith will get you only if we build a relationship with God himself.

oo – Since you are 17, you are then lifted in God. That’s not bad.

Hagen: Yes, it was a real rescue. I have now understood that I am earthly, I do not need sexual love any more. I’m already, since my first love died, widow. I am looking for no love, love is just there. I run around and do not want to marry me again or something.

oo – So only V and love your life partner?

Hagen: Yes, my good friend, teacher, master, God, the love in person.

oo – That sounds more like the concept of life of a nun?

Hagen: Yes… I am also a Nun.

oo – And since when are you a nun?

Hagen: Ever since the birth of my daughter Cosma. But even before that. If you are a nun, everything is sacred. Even the sexual relationship. The nun, yes, love is a sacred thing. That makes this not because she feels instincts, but simply because they love lives, while pregnant and child in the world brings.

oo – Normally one to believe always the doubt. Do you doubt the existence of God?

Hagen: No, I do not know.

oo – Then you are but one exception and one lucky child!

Hagen: Yes, that’s why God has given me my voice, with which I proclaim His good news.

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“If only more of today’s military personnel

“If only more of today’s military personnel

would realize that they are being used by the

owner elites as publicly subsidized capitalist

goon squad.” Smedly Butler now they got 5g




dig her

be fearless -o Flickr/aHsjvozK6B
Jesus Christ be glorified

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says:December 18, 2020 at 6:20 am Edit“Ye’ve not chosen me,
but I have chosen you,
and ordained you, that
ye should go and bring
forth fruit and that your
fruit should remain.”
John 15:16
Jesus, we love Thee. We see that all things are planned by Thee.
We rejoice in that vision.Rejoice in the fact that you are Mine.
Privileges of the members of My Kingdom are many.
When I said of My Father, “He maketh His Sun to
rise on the evil and on the good, and sends
rain on the just and on the unjust,” you will
notice it was the temporal, material blessings I Spoke.
I did not mean that the believer and unbeliever could be treated alike. That is not possible; I send rain and sunshine and money and worldly blessings equally to both, of the blessing of the Kingdom that would be impossible.There are conditions that control the bestowal of these. My Followers do not always understand this, it is necessary they should do so if they are remembering My injunction which followed — “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”To attempt to bestow on all alike your Love and Understanding and interchange of thought would be impossible. But temporal blessings you too
bestow, as does My Father.

All must be done in Love in the spirit of forgiveness.

oh Lee, help U.S.
out of this stuff;
please my dear /o\ serious…

right, all that matters is your family – wanna hear this? sure you do. JOY

49 hot photos of Kimbra Lee Johnson, which will make your mouth drink water

images are best
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/not such a new post\
Wisdom for Daily Life
Midnight at the Oasis

From our history

The Light

The Darkness Into The Light

Words of Wisdom
for Daily Life
by Child Of God


An Incident at Niagara: A /Faith\
necessary to salvation, because all
we are told in Scripture that works
cannot save;
to tell a very familiar story, and even the
poorest do not misunderstand what I say:
a minister was one day going to preach. He
climbed hill on his road. Beneath Him lay the
villages, sleeping in their beauty, with the corn-
fields motionless in the sunshine; but he did not
look at them, for His attention was arrested by the
woman standing at her door who, seeing him, came
up with the greatest anxiety, and said, “O sir, have you
any keys about you? I have broken the drawers, there are
some things that I must get directly.” Said he, “I haven’t keys.”
She was disappointed, expecting that everyone would have some
keys. “But suppose,” he said, I had some keys, they may not fit your
lock, and therefore you could not get the articles you want. But do not
distress yourself, wait till some one else comes up. But, said he wishing
to improve the occasion, “have you ever heard of the key of heaven?” “Ah,
yes!” she said, “I have lived long enough, I have gone to church long enough,
to know that if we work hard, get our bread by the sweat, our brow go act well
towards our neighbors, and behave, as the Catechism says, lowly and reverently
to all our betters, and if we do our duty in that station of life in which it has pleased
God to place us, and say our prayers regularly, we shall be saved.” “Ah!” said he, “my
good woman, that is a broken key, for you have broken the commandments, you have
not fulfilled all your duties. It is a good key, but you have broken it.” “Pray, sir,” said she, believing that he understood the matter, and looking frightened: “what have I left out?” “Why,” said he, “the all-important thing, the blood of Jesus Christ. Do you not know it is said, the key of Heaven is at his girdle; he openeth, and not a man shuts that he shutteth,
and no man openeth? “And explaining it more fully to her, he said: “It is Christ, and if
Christ alone, that can open heaven FOR you, and not your good works.” “What!” said
she, “are our good works useless?” “No,” said he, not after faith. Believe, you might
have as many good works as you please; but if you believe, you will never trust in
them, for if you trust in them you have spoilt them, and they are not good works
any longer. Have as many good works as you please… still put your trust wholly
in the Lord Jesus Christ, for if you do not, your key will never unlock heaven’s
gate.” So then we must have true faith, is because old key of works, broken by
us all, that we never shall enter Paradise by it. You pretend that you have not
sins, to be very plain with you, you deceive yourselves, and the truth is not in
you. If you conceive that by your good works shall enter heaven, never was
there a more fell delusion, you shall find, at the last great day, your hopes
were worthless, like sere leaves from the autumn trees, noblest doings
shall be blown away, or kindled into a flame in which you yourselves
must suffer for ever. Take heed of your good works; get them after
faith, but remember, the way to be saved is simply to believe in
Jesus Christ.Without faith it is impossible to be saved, and to
please God, because without faith there is no union to Christ
now, union to Christ is indispensable to all our salvation. As
I come before God‘s throne, my prayers, won’t get answered,
unless I bring Christ with me. The Colossians of old, when they
could not get the favor from their King, adopted singular expedient;
they took the king’s only son in their arms, and falling on their knees,
cried, “O King, for thy Son‘s sake, grant our request.” He smiled He said
“I deny nothing to those who plead in my Son‘s name.” It is so with God. He
will deny nothing to the man who comes, having Christ at his elbow; but if he
comes alone he must be cast away. Union to Christ is, after all, the great point in salvation.Let me tell you a story to illustrate this: the stupendous falls Niagara have
been spoken of in every part of the world; but while they are marvelous to hear of, and wonderful as a spectacle, they have been destructive to human life, when by accident any have been carried down the cataract. Some years ago, two men, a bargeman and a collier, were in a boat, and found themselves unable to manage it, it being carried swiftly down the current that they must, inevitably be born down and dashed to pieces. Persons on
the shore saw them, but were unable to do much for the rescue. At last, one man was saved by a floating rope to him, which he grasped. The instant the rope came into his
hand a log floated by the other man. A thoughtless and confused bargeman, instead
of seizing the rope, laid hold on the log. Was fatal mistake: imminent peril, the one
the one was drawn to shore, He had connection to people on the land, while that
other, clinging to the log, was borne irresistibly along, never heard of afterwards.
Do you not see that here is a practical illustration? Faith is a connection to Christ.
Christ is on the shore, so to speak, holding the rope of faith, and if we lay hold of it
with the hand of our confidence, he pulls us to shore; but our good works having no connection with Christ, are drifted on down the gulf of fell despair. Grapple tightly as we may, even with hooks of steel hooks, they can not avail us; in the degree.

Child Of God



“And besides all this, between us and you

a great chasm has been fixed, so that those

who want to go from here to you cannot, nor

can anyone cross over from there to us” (Luke 16:26.)

“After that, we who are still alive and are left will

be caught together with them in the clouds to meet

The Lord in the air. And so we will be with The Lord forever.

Therefore encourage each other with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:17,18.)

Message summary: Let us be filled with anticipation for this future

Heavenly Reunion.

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HEAR THIS… IF YOU WISH… the entire decision to follow the trump situation a vote for him, as i had not… NADER! the whole debacle was a definite “GO-TRUMP!” FOUR MORE YEARS! budin’s love for abortion, and the pats on his back, donations that fill his coffers, or the next possible femme-president elect. ‘m sorry; the crap thrown OUR PRESIDENT’S way is what it is. we never have, nor will, take either side. IT IS NOT OUR JOB. Might be that God is allowing things to occur in the rightful succession; all to bring about it’s conclusion. now any may be shouting how wrong our rightfully elected President is; lest you place your feet in HIS shoes. Do consider that. Yes, he may have lied; buit hell: so JFK lied. Reagan lied, and all the rest of them. ask yourself if you are so pure and sanctimonious that you would not? providing the shoes were on your leg-stump’s? the truth is: all President are only a men, they, too are as callous asU.S.; and we all have our own foibles. we do not profess to know the result, never assume you do, will, can. the seasoned businessman, a true lover of The America that provided him the opportunity excel like he did, the method of his achievement some of, if not all Donald did then, still now; and will again; providing that there are United State’s citizens are wise. The President will be rebounding OUR free nation at least one MORE time, not more times. providing those demoncrapic club members, some card carrying, do not-not herald that true patriot that he is; not even a little bit. but do as they will do as they wish/will. satanist’s, too had their brief time in the sun, those socialist minded folk in duhc don’t realize, and understand: it is not actually he, whatever thaey will get erected by their followers, know this: His Angelic Forces; don’t always compete with evil, no, those benevolent do-gooders know the truth is: allow each evil soul to hang their own selves.

this WILL turn out, but have a look-see at why i’m SO against the murdering of innocent souls, for convenience’s sake. approach a post-abortion individuals; then ask them if they could do it all again would they; unfortunate as it is most of them only see a kids burden burden and would cramp their style of life. ‘even they may acquire His grace. the one for-giving grace that some wholeheartedly assume can, will be easily received: joy is free for the taking, as sure as the soul they threw away with that ‘planned parenthood’ clinic’s trash, OR it being used to further so much more unscrupulous activity. abortion: that

form of collateral suicide. but not right away; it’s always there, in the corners of those guilty minds. fervid eventuality is a bitter pill. do go and swallow that remedy. for some it ‘s radically morbid. it’ll be so obvious once the deserved judgement is laid before sinful souls; before it affects the killer. know, this: while using those stirrups to demonize the femme who sees murder as the convenient method of self-preservation. from the pain that all, each woman was been built to endure. even that discomfort is a small price to pay when receiving the gift of a life that they made and created. those that did cooperate with a loved groom. in a correct circumstance the pain felt will be/is an acceptable payment for that newest Mother. think about it.


1991 we are new each day chokin’!

Paul Harvey

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\///////\////////\/ – – – remembering-2012-benghazi-attack – – – \\\\\\/\\\\\\\/\\\/


Elizabeth Dias
Elizabeth Dias covers faith and politics for The New York Times
from the Washington bureau. She previously covered a similar
beat for Time magazine, reporting on both the 2012 and 2016
presidential campaigns; has undergraduate degree in theology
Wheaton College and a master’s in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary; and JVI is a man person David digs.

Jan. 22, 2020, Jan. 2, 2020

A televangelist who reached an audience interpreting current

events through apocalyptic passages of the Bible prophesying

end of the world, died on Saturday at a hospital in Michigan… JVI was 88.

His death was announced by his organization, Rex Van Impe

Ministries International but did not specify a cause. He had

been hospitalized after fall this month, longtime consultant, E. Dale Berkey said.

Mr. Jack Van Impe, (pronounced IMP-ee), did pronounce

the imminent return of Jesus Christ mingled discussion

of a Bible passages with the news of today on his weekly

television and radio program: Jack Van Impe Presents

The program aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network,

through cable, satellite, for more than two decades

and was said to have reached about 25,000 cities.

“He was something of pioneering televangelist,

someone who was utterly confident about his

esoteric interpretations biblical prophecies,”

Dr. Randall Balmer, who’s that professor of

religion: Dartmouth College, said by phone.

“If only more of today’s military personnel

it is right now 10:o3.22 October 17, 202oAD

“If only more of today’s military personnel

would realize that they are being used by the

owner elites as publicly subsidized capitalist goon squad.” Smedly Butler let me let everyone and their dog in on a great discovery of ours at this here Verizon’s Samsung ‘Galaxy s8’ IS The Best cell/camera/cell we’ve ever owned! after five carriers of some meager attempts of better so-hoped-for versions of cell service and hardware – now on, this subject we’re go way back… how for we goin’ back?way, way, way back. uh, (2018 to be exact) several carriers of cell-service are neat, but those cannot even hold a faint candle the brightness emitted by the older-model. Even the newer, the more advanced, more expensive, more whatever abilities; uh, no, Verizon‘s s8Cellphone does win…. more recent gig produced, very well, by the better edition of the edition of verizon‘s s8 Cellphone, by stating ‘better’ we’re only envisioning the cellphone of THAT year


for some who do disregard the ‘FINE PRINT’ – dig this: some carry next to

cell’s in the front pocket? OR it’s regular to carry cell’s in BACKpocket’s

this in no way DEfaming this wonderful and inventive cell-phone

and nothing shlown comes from any other warning, than it’s

own printed material that came WITH this most excellent

rounded corners measured diagonally. SO, as to be sure;

foot note #1 * * Varies with Always on Display setting

foot note #2 ‡ Mobile HDR Premium certified by the UHD-A.

foot note #3 § Products sold separately. Gear VR not for children

under 13. Read included ………………….. health and safety warnings

before use, see footnote #4 ‘space purposely

remains blank because a true reason is not known why it is.’ foot

note #5 – The EXCELLENT Samsung, Galaxy S8 Use in accordance

with law. Other company product names that are mentioned may

be trademarks, the respective owners. foot note #6 Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 requires businesses provide warnings to Californians

about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects

and other reproductive harm. These chemicals can be in the products that

Californians purchase, in their homes, workplaces, or that are released into

the environment. By requiring that this information provided, Proposition 65

enables Californians to be informed that decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.

Proposition 65 also prohibits

that California businesses from

knowingly discharging significant

listed chemicals into sources of drinking water?

ALSO Proposition 65 requires California

to publish a list of chemicals known to cause

cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

This list, which must be updated at least once a year,

has grown to include approximately 900 chemicals since

first published in 1987.

Proposition 65 became law in November 1986, when California

voters approved it by a 63-37 percent margin. The official name of

Proposition 65 is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act

of 1986.Definition: A collection of related diseases in which some cells in the

body begin to abnormally divide without stopping, often spread to surrounding

tissues. Definition: Reproductive Harm occurs when a chemical interferes with an

ability to produce normal, healthy offspring. This includes effects on the female and

male reproductive systems; effects on the developing embryo, fetus, OR child, resulting

from exposure during pregnancy. Under Proposition 65, “reproductive toxicity” includes

“developmental toxicity,” “female reproductive toxicity, of male reproductive toxicity.”

Definition: A collection of related diseases in which some cells in the body begin to

abnormally divide without stopping, and often spread into surrounding tissues.

Definition: Reproductive Harm will occur OR chemical interferes with an ability

to produce normal, healthy offspring. This includes effects on the female and male

reproductive systems, and effects on the developing embryo, fetus, or child, resulting

from exposure during pregnancy. Under Proposition 65, “reproductive toxicity” includes

“developmental toxicity,” “female reproductive toxicity,” and “male reproductive organs toxicity?“

Questions bout Proposition 65
Welcome to the Proposition 65

Warnings Website!

What is Proposition 65?

What chemicals are in

Proposition 65 list?

What does a warning mean?

What does the phrase “known to the

State of California to cause [cancer]

[birth defects or other reproductive harm]”

in a Proposition 65 warning actually mean?

Who administers Proposition 65?

Who enforces Proposition 65?

What are the penalties for violating Proposition 65?

Where can I get more information on Proposition 65?

How does Proposition 65 benefit Californians?

comments, or concerns?

CA residents: take a look @
California: Proposition 65

WARNING Will Robinson

Cancer and Reproductive Harm ? by using the great Galaxy S8?

– here are my candid thoughts; may be true that these ‘warnings’

are about ALL CELL PHONES, and perhaps that’s a reason to carry

cells in THE BACK POCKET, that way the insidious whatever waves

are at least a thigh away from the important organs in males, as in

females as well. Who knows? do anmy of you care to comment? IT


NOW; for all we know ‘mr. false’ was censoring every message that

came our way since 2018. UNDERSTAND it’s a mystery to me how a

intended message/e-mail winds up under our noses, they still don’t;

as any sort of rule, but we did spy some guestbook thingy’s… we are

still newbies to allot of WP. WP’s a grrrREAT slice of this internet, it

should be way proud. KUDOS TO THEM after two an~os of us posting.

Be Kind
Listen Well
Share the Floor
Presume Good Will
Acknowledge Differences
Answer the Tough Questions
Give Credit Where Credit is Due
Speak Only for Yourself, for heaven’s

sake, Keep Private Things Private those odd

Participants agree to abide by the so better way of

Openness and to the Terms of Service bravery that stood

The absence of comment encourages conversation; it’s reverse


BUT Houston 1989 EXcESS

in a bit will deal with that, right now there is an activity that’s been a long time coming:

and now, for something completely different –

what we’re going to do here : locate successful friend: the great state of Texas

dig it


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Elvis Presley
X’s for Eyes

/•\ intent on it • David Buckle; a doer at at the now /•\

dig: <1989.24.59-1990.1.0 AD – Huntsville, Texas><

Dead Sea Scrolls in Charlotte NC Otis 2007

doer at
Even though David was a son of Him, he had yet learned rightful obedience; a \

calamity that was /o\ DID educate me, as a follower of Him that allegiance to me:

meant no immunity from His discipline. The house of your spirit is fashioned via

experienced lessons; Love, and Obedience Truth; there is a plan, and each action

of yours: brick in its building. Think. A misguided act, a neglected duty, a failure

to carry out any of His wishes Wishes mean not only a missing brick but faulty

edifice. How many an otherwise noble character is spoilt thus. Build now an

eternity. Trust, not other men, for all are failures onto His standard. being a

not-required standard; Faith. in His Son completely eradicates that law. It

works, Trust me it do.

The southern lights or aurora australis are only visible in the southern

hemisphere. The best places to experience this phenomenon is in the

southern-most destinations in the world, including the New Zealand.

Best places see New Zealand Southern Lights


still love ’em.

who’s loving your

Pins and boards!

Welcome back,

November 13, 2020 Shepherds Chapel




Freedom due to Gallant Military Persons provided for U.S.. THANK YOU MEN & WOMEN!

one that eclipsed our history for seven years. After more than seven years of war, 4,400

U.S. casualties, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed, United States officially ends its

combat mission in Iraq.
The Iraq War

Faith in these UNITED STATES; in of spite the stuff happenin’ IT’S SIX O’CLOCK

-o dig.

be cool

let each one of us be serious

God will do what needs to be do things rightly

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David Buckle Tue, Nov 3, 12:o2.30 PM (NOW)
AT LEAST TWO CRUISES, so you might bask in the sunlight of experience; possibly reviewing your 2nd or 3rd adventure…
tried, does not work for all people, not me…
office–space–movie–work okay, okay…

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listen, read along:
He hears our listening. He sees all that activity. thank Him along with U.S.



more Rave-Ups

even more Rave-Ups
dave rave’s 50 now.

is no longer going by that nickname,

dave rave supplied the required not actual

identity even though this list of music that bred

my likes could be considered all antique and stuff, but

each musical artist, whether known or not, will always be

in our pocket as the guts of airplay. CASE IN POINT! AIRPLAY

RECORDS; Kevin Bomar’s Airplay Studios, in those weeds of Bryan

College Station where our frequented stage-haunting: Equinox after that

better college band contest at Annam Teahouse was; then just alongside A&M

Lee, Dave, Read, John , Jonathan, Steve, Bill recorded in one morning and afternoon


September 3, 1991, but; yea, but there were a

few items not yet played out in our story at that time.

life happened for each, think we are all at a

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January 12, 2021 5:30.34PM



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Just Jesus, my God Would the Holy Spirit have anointed contentious disciples? To Peter, disharmony hinders prayer. He tells husbands: “Live with your wives in an understanding… Do this so nothing will stop your prayers” (I Peter 3:7.) Waiting on God means working through conflicts, forgiving offenses, resolving disputes, resolving disputes, “Always keep yourself united in the Holy Spirit, and bind your-selves together in peace” I do not promise My followers the world’s ease and pleasures. I promise those Joys that the world can neither give nor take away. I promise the heart-rest found in Me alone. It does not mean that all the beauties and pleasures of the world can be renounced, but that they must be enjoyed only after the treasures and Joys of My Kingdom have been learned, appreciated. Love Him.

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