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This is David Buckle, the entire collection of essay scribed to the treasure; one that was the prime discovery once David sat inside a virtual public library, at a 28202 treasure about 2-700 feet from THE CAROLINA THEATRE in midtown Charlotte

Jesus Christ’s


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He will never leave U.S., b nor will He forsake U.S., the rare country that had, albeit originally, a President WHO understood that we are ALL under the Trinity of God

Conservative, Tim LaHaye, writes (RIP), ‘”That President George Washington was

a devout believer in Jesus Christ and had accepted Him as His Lord and Saviour is

easily demonstrated by A reading of his personal prayer book written in his own

handwriting.”‘ He ends his treatment of Washington in his book, Faith of those

Founding Fathers (1990), with the assertion… “An objective reading of these

beautiful prayers verifies that were George Washington living today, that

he would freely identify with the Bible-Believing branch of evangelical

Tim Francis LaHaye (April 27, 1926, July 25, 2016) was THE American 

Baptist evangelical Christian minister who wrote more than 85 books,

both fiction and non-fiction, including thOSe Left Behind series of 

apocalyptic fiction, which he co-authored with Jerry B. Jenkins.

Christianity that is having such a positive influence on our

nation.” (p. 113). ask yourself: Would our first President

take money from a murderous dr.’s; won’t even capitalize

those two letters, d&r. ABORTIONIST’S LIE BY EVEN IF

POSING AS HONEST DOCTORS. Think about it along

with your concience for a long time hopefully you’ll

awake to what’s going on. Pay Attention to Charles

– New Zealand

– –

– – –

– – – –

– – – – –

– – – – – –

– – – – – – – think good thoughts

– – – – – – – – Never despair, never despond. Be just a channel of helpfulness for others.

– – – – – – – – – Have more sympathy. Feel more tenderness towards others.

– – – – – – – – – – Your lives shall not be all care. Gold does not stay in the crucible;

– – – – – – – – – – – only until it is refined. Already I hear the music and the marching of

– – – – – – – – – – – – the unseen host, rejoicing at victory.

… Charlotte, North Carolina ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::…………………………………………….. …………… has an excellent venue …………………… she is patiently awaiting your voice, Kimbra Lee CarolinaTheatreCLT Peace – the man with the deal has since Charlie was head 1992 – he knows David really well… You two should meet: ………
please tell him David sent you.
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a newbie? not really.\/\DavidBuckle

trading boat for a pulpit

hola, Jesus CHRIST’s,

appears to be getting

more traffic than usual! 35 hourly views

views on average a spike in your stats – they say,

how’s it apparent to us? we don’t see anything; on word

does a fine job at announcing the problem in this instance: is stolid.

feel l like one;

now, we need to

confess: there is

no urge to pay any

to share conversation

two years David has been

on WordPress, and i seem to

have garnered some views, but

you cannot tell by my possible stats.

there is allot that c/would be shared if

had gone about learning the internet right.

don’t really have any aim other than exposure.

you know, there is a tone of characters that would

more than joyfully teach what they’ve learned, for a

fee. well… just as with every thing ‘ve attempted to get a

grip on; whether it be trumpet, making a band, playing in a

band, more independent stuff like cartooning and photography

those ability’s have been accomplished. they are over twenty years

old and requiems fill the air amid that universe, dirges too. perhaps a

better cartoon that explains it may be the PBS MYSTERY EDWARD GOREY.

this is as good as a preface to the tale i hope to share with any who care to read, dig?

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed;
for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will
help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
Isaiah 41:10
Be not afraid. I am your God, your Deliverer. From all evil, I will deliver you.
Trust Me. Fear not. Never forget your “Thank you.” Do you not see it is a lesson?
You MUST say “Thank You” on the grayest days. You MUST do it. All cannot be light unless you do. There is gray-day practice. It is absolutely necessary. My death upon the Cross was not only necessary to save a world, it was necessary if only to train My disciples. It was all a part of their training: My entering Jerusalem in triumph; My washing the disciples’ feet; My sorrow-time in Gethsemane; My being despised,
judged, crucified, buried. Every step was necessary to their development `’o.
and so with you.If a gray day is not one of thankfulness, the lesson has to be
repeated until it is. Not to everyone is it so. But only to those who ask to serve Me well, and to do much for Me. A great work requires a great and careful training.
wow, haven’t met a seven year old as of yet… OH WAIT! Sabby!


hear ye hear ye o0


are you in a storm as we type? hold on, it will end.
Truth Spoken, if we only Believe.