2321 6:52.22PM we should not be




Thank you, Jesus.

i promised Lee in 1986-8, she knows what i mean
lovely person, Nina is, Nina Hagen ES WACHT


nifty list?

Pinterest is a great site.. we’re not angry. we accepted our censorship with kindness.

our lives are but vapor.

WE SHOULD NOT ADD 11 MILLION TO OUR INDEPENDENT NATION – sorry guys an gals, budun is insane, he’s really despised underneath all of this, we cannot afford 2 help. let this patriot show

our opinion: George Russell, the best boss ever – BULLSHIT invade south America, NOT NORTH, YOU ARE GOING TO DRAIN U.S. INSIDE this PANDEMIC. you know WHAT HATE AWAITS YOU? it’s going to be pretty sad to see what occurs. our suggestion to not be between OUR

INDEPENDENT NATION. Go to God; invade His Heaven. too bad what’s required to see the gates of either fate. your government is wrong to cause you such strife. WHAT DO YOU THINK OUR REVOLUTION was for? Revolt yourselves. against your own government try it. have a nice day.

Faith in in these UNITED STATES in of spite the tuff going on in the west

it is 4:17.23 October 17, 2020

is now November 2nd 2020, 5:19.32, day before Trump’s victory. The Will of God

“If only more of today’s military personnel

would realize that they are being used by the

owning elite’s as a publicly subsidized capitalist goon squad.” Smedly Butler

https://onlizinenet.blog/author/davidb50 dig it

Not only has He reAD your story… is He wrote it.

His perspective is different, His purpose is clear;

God uses struggles to toughen our spiritual skin.

consider it a gift, friends,when, all test challenges

arrive at our every side., you know that under a 

force beyond our control out faith-life is forced

into the open so all aware people take notice

as to how deep those true colors run inside

one’s being. We caution most to not try to 

escape circumstance prematurely. Let it 

do it’s work so we can become mature

and well-developed, no deficiency in

any way, shape or form. James 1:2

The craftsman places an ingot of 

silver on an anvil and pounds with 

a sledgehammer. Once the metal is 

flat enough for shaping, in a furnace it 

goes. The worker alternately heats and 

pounds the metal until it takes the shape 

of a tool he can use. Heating, pounding. 

Heating, pounding. Dead-lines, traffic. 

Arguments, disrespect. Loud sirens, 

silent-phones. Heating, pounding. Heating, pounding.

silence, phones. Heating, pounding. Heating, pounding.

Did you know that the smith in silversmith comes from the 

old english word smite? Silversmiths: accomplished smiters. 

So is God. Once a worker is satisfied with the form of his tool,

he begins to palings and pumice it. Using smaller hammer and

abrasive pads, he taps, he rubs and decorates. No one stops him. 

No one yanks the hammer out of his hands and says, “Go easy on  

that silver. You’ve pounded enough!” No, the craftsman buffets the

molecules of metal until He is finished with it. With some silversmiths,

I’m told, keep polishing until they can see their face in the tool they are 

making. When will God stop on you? When He sees His reflection in you.

The Lord will perfect that which concerns mePsalM 138:8 Jesus said, 

My Father never stops working.” John 5:17

the3rdonlive.wordpress.com @shepherdschapelcom davidb49 onlizineneto.live


314.5k monthly viewers?


David Buckle  ><> onlizinenet.wordpress.comoOcollactuiona.com/2020/09/27/oui
we are not haters, excuse our sounding off in such a stern voice.



https://youtu.be/TriaOVgwchttps://davidb is 50 now

Herein do we see the cross: that whatever matters that we may accomplish by our own does not require the cross; it is only when we allow the Lord to live in our lives so that He may be our things and our all do we need the cross. If He makes no move, how can we move? Oh how we need to ask God to deliver us from our good works just as we ask Him for deliverance from our sins. How often it is relatively easier to be delivered from sin (since sin is condemned) than be delivered from the natural life (since many the are neither condemned nor rejected.)

wlSPER nOT ‘m trying not to, Maynard; SEE?

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This statement cements hope

God will do what needs to be

Cross ovee

Faith in in these UNITED STATES in of spite the stuff going on in the west

October 15, 2020


faithful and just,


to God and country (USA),



https://the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/author/davidb49/, Jesus for President, Lee Cammack ’88

it is 4:17.23 October 17, 2020

Published by Faith in in these UNITED STATES in of spite the stuff going on in the west youtu.be/-GiCfqQEEwkSt. Matthew 6 the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/2020/10/15/its-217-03-october-15-2020 Change your definition of prayer. 

  1. Faith in in these UNITED STATES in of spite the stuff going on in the west
  2. says:
  3. October 15, 2020 at 6:33 pm Edit
    Are you all dry sponge? All too edged;
    rigid?” Would you like being softened
    up some?   you like to be more
    useful in    the hands of that One who
    made you? Then, come to the Well
    with all excerpts from Max Lucado
    . We’re all thirsty
    from time to time. But we do not
    have to remain that way.
    Jesus CHRIST’s
  4. Edit
  5. Faith in in  these UNIED STATES in of spite the stuff going on in the we
  6. October 16, 2020 at 2:49 am Edit
    daily Lesson
    submitted by a subscriber.
    Life’s trials and tribulations are
    actually blessings. For they are
    GODS saving graces
    “This is my personal mantra. One that
    everyone can relate to. We all go through
    hard times. Regardless of the severity, one
    person’s own “trials and tribulations” are
    extreme to them. If you can look past the
    pain, eventually, you can come to realize
    there was the reason GOD put you If the message in the Daily Life 

Published by not Todd Rundgren...

the War Room no one person can ever say a whisper of idea that David urged a person, whether female or not, to do anything that had not been a part of their own character. Keeping so still and quite about subjects, the one at hand for this little note IS Faith in God. Let you know that i've just turned fifty; and in the brief shade of 'the responsible thing' to do in no way is meant to fool, cajole, even force my own personal belief's on any of you netizens who are reading these few lines. We believe all that we do. David Buckle believes in God and even His Son

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