David only five followers onlizinenet.WordPress.com/2021/02/01/10335icruise.com/cruise-lines/Norweg…an-Cruise-Line.htmlwordpress.com/post/onlizinenet.wordpress.com/10488youtu.be/UyqZvPILD-4 6:32.42 AM June 3rd, 2021631 am ad by the way: i’m not a cia sniper. 8′ .

Jefferson Davis was born today, in 1808

Make a note of it; there will be a test.

from Juno, the godess of woman, marriages and childbirth, wife of Jupiter. it’s best to plant corn after working with well rotted manure into the ground pick up fallen fruit to avoid fungal disease.

it is my recommendation that everyone should take AT LEAST two week long cruises in a lifetime.

we suggest Norwegian Cruise Line, me and Dan were on the USS Noway in 1997, after i completed a semester at University of North Carolina at Charlotte with Martha Strawn, as to utilize their darkroom to print negatives that were taken of the Admiral Byrd Prison Cemetery in Huntsville, TX in 1990.

new online gallery added to daily is: that5thone.tumblr.com dig

Owe no man any thing,

but to love one another; for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.  Romans 13:8

Our Lord, we love and praise Thee. 

Thou art Joy and exceeding great reward

.Remember that Love is the power which transforms the world.  Love not only of Me, Love not only of the few dear to you, but Love of all, the publicans, the sinners, the harlots.


It is the only weapon with which sin can be driven out. 

Drive sin out with Love. Drive fear, depression and despair a sense of failure out with Praise. Praise is to acknowledge of that which I sent you

Few men would send a further gift of payment

until they had received the acknowledging the previous one.  So praise, acknowledging, it does, that My gift: blessing leaves that way open for Me to shower yet more, a thankful heart. Learn as a child learns to say “Thank you” a courtesy, with perhaps no real sense of gratitude at all. 

Do this until at last a thrill of joy, of thankful awe, will accompany the spoken word.

Do not expect for yourselves feeling that you know others have or have had.  Just go on along the arid way of obedience, and persistence will be rewarded as you come to the Spring, a glad Spring of Water. Oh, joy in Me, and, as far as in you lies, shed Joy on all around.

it’s 7:13.33 am right now o’clock am now


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