let the whole world be filled.

hi there…


it is five o’clock am June 3, 2021

and we have done, mostly all we

could do. no inferring we’re quit

spreading a positive vibe; mind

you… however we produced CD

(433) several were stolen while

we were just completing a tour

of St. Peters home, which is in

no way saying that’s a rotten

address; God forbid. just the

unsavory cads were invited

in our main office by us, -o

we were warned, we were

tricked into bestowing a

faith in devils’ children

they know who they

are bless their own

heart’s. so to any

of you Angelic

hearts out in

NC sky’s we

thank you.

Published by not Todd Rundgren...

the War Room no one person can ever say a whisper of idea that David urged a person, whether female or not, to do anything that had not been a part of their own character. Keeping so still and quite about subjects, the one at hand for this little note IS Faith in God. Let you know that i've just turned fifty; and in the brief shade of 'the responsible thing' to do in no way is meant to fool, cajole, even force my own personal belief's on any of you netizens who are reading these few lines. We believe all that we do. David Buckle believes in God and even His Son

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