Texas Correctional Institute 1849 -present

Texas’ First Prison

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by David Buckle

Texas State Prison,

vv Huntsville’s
first prisoner 166 years ago

oct. 1, 2015 3:37 pm

This photo shows the Huntsville Unit prison yard in the 1870s. (Creative Commons: Wikimedia)

1 of 47, this photo shows the Huntsville Unit prison in the 1870s.


The Huntsville Unit of the Texas state prison system opened 166 years ago. on October 1, 1849, the not-quite-finished Texas State Penitentiary received its first prisoner,
the convicted horse thief from another county, according to Texas Day by Day 
– Texas State Historical Association –

Early on, the state’s first enclosed prison for felons was known as the Walls unit, of
the “Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville,” in the Handbook of Texas. it is unclear why Huntsville was chosen as the site for the Texas first prison, although the fact that it was Sam Houston’s home; some influential figures just may be part of the explanation; the handbook states.

other information about the Huntsville unit can be found if you wish to dig “Prison System” inside the Handbook of TX

The prison had only three inmates but by 1861 had grown to 211, according to thesis research by Brett Derbes, editor Handbook of Texas.

Today, the Texas Department Criminal Justice has seven units around Huntsville, hand housing about 14,000 inmates, spokesman Jason Clark said Thursday. Statewide, the Texas prison system holds about 148,000 inmates in 109 facilities, he said.

The Walls unit known globally as all the executions; a state that carries out capital punishment more often than their big U.S. state of Texas. Theoriginal Huntsville lock-up, portions of which are still standing, has the distinct with those of that only prison; in eleven Confederate states that was not occupied or destroyed by the Union Army, even though it was attacked twice
by our Confederate Army during our Civil War.

still from 1861 to 1865,

Huntsville prison guards did

operate a textile factory that

sold more than two million yards

of cotton; nearly 300,000 yards of wool

to civilians and the government for those

Confederate States of America accounted for

35 percent of state receipts.;

Fear, Force,
and Leather,
Texas’ Prison:
1st 100 years,

Texas Archive

Telegraph and Texas Register (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 3, No. 33, Ed. 1, Saturday, June 16, 1838

DESCRIPTION:Weekly newspaper from Houston, Texas that includes local, state and national news along with extensive advertising date June 16, 1838 @ Cruger Moore  Refine your search to onlyNewspaper PartneDolph Briscoe center American history


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