But even if you suffer; doing right,
God will reward you for it.
So do not be afraid,

don’t worry.

“this is the day,

your life will surely change.” Matt Johnson THETHE

that’s all well and good. a nice hope
still as being retired from production
in the form of assumed glory, where
the affect, not so much effect, but in
a remembered sense… dig? all is in
the place expected for honestly why
should i continue, that’s only feeding
an assumed possibility see, the goal
is still in my being, but ‘m finished w/
all that may be that this what’s in the
cards; but what good, fun is that? so
much has David imagines that all the
imposed, self induced situation that’s
so even with a, the, a being, Infected
me with Your Love; Love whats that?
a reality other than a feeling we don’t
honestly believe we deserve. it’s all a
sense of lust. that is what feeling is in
pleasure. the intuition is vacant, is not
known. is something only other feel, a
undeserved emotion, its eventuality, a
‘feeling’ that others enjoy. ‘m only cold
and unsympathetic, so much jealousy
is not even considered. feeling in a no
allowed mood. about to be delivered?
much inferred ’emotion’ is only a down
mood. but, don’t want to ruin the good
good thing. what i can only think is the
feeling of sharing, withOUT having the
ability to produce what was an antique
effort. doubt any actually got what that
transfer was, is still about. is those big
moods we were hoping to teach; even
though 90’s music, but still not a many
noted effort. the mood of song writing;
another’s ability that we just slipped in
to. convergence of idea was all in Lee
and shall i dare say ‘me?’ just time, an
ingredient that, if shared could erect a
lyric of the immediate mood submitted
for not approval but an instinctual idea
sharing. so much personal knowing at
this attempting to share; and He does
pay attention, but He chooses to be in
his own mind that might be able to get
understood, well… if only the emotions
acted upon. read our invitation into His
consideration process. it may be that a
sympathetic suggestion is to open up a
a vast treasure trove of answers seldom
searched for amply to let the idea evolve
into a energy required for see action, dig?

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