you know – an interesting concept: what does it all mean? Artificial intelligence. The common calculator is artificially all up in our busines whereas no subversion is automatically assumed by a seemingly innocuous object, but these days we are www in the throw of items as useful as our common (some not as common as a usual telecommunication device.) There are i-phones, there are top of the line zamsungs that allow we humans to have a running conversation with the wild, too costly hand-held Mac’s. Things like this subject were pondered by David as far back as 1987 while camping with my Mom and Dad at Brazos Bend State Park south of Houston. Late on one hot summer night: there was Dave, under a most magical ✨ starry sky.

Michael Score was in my ears as I went for ‘a restroom visit,” leaving my beloved parent’s so cozy in Dad’s Cabela’s siX-person tent among the cicadas and occasional barn owl hoot that audibly? appeared to minds that were tuned into said frequencies. The stillness of night… 🌙 [where is that graphic come from?] a crescent moon? See. that’s what I’m talking about. It’s not common knowledge the completely non- obvious connections that are so obvious.

We may not draw opinion of just where we are going with these lines of letters.

Some are not use to their concentrated thoughts evolving between audio and visual messages. This might be what’s meant by ”out-of-your-mind;” like are you away from the organ that develops so many sensations into one idea that is like a rubber ball bouncing around our heads into a pre-formatted opinion we are all able to claim as our own, and shapes each of our own perspectives and opinion we form? interesting, eh… sure it is.

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Just Jesus, my God Would the Holy Spirit have anointed contentious disciples? To Peter, disharmony hinders prayer. He tells husbands: “Live with your wives in an understanding… Do this so nothing will stop your prayers” (I Peter 3:7.) Waiting on God means working through conflicts, forgiving offenses, resolving disputes, resolving disputes, “Always keep yourself united in the Holy Spirit, and bind your-selves together in peace” I do not promise My followers the world’s ease and pleasures. I promise those Joys that the world can neither give nor take away. I promise the heart-rest found in Me alone. It does not mean that all the beauties and pleasures of the world can be renounced, but that they must be enjoyed only after the treasures and Joys of My Kingdom have been learned, appreciated. Love Him. Home / Why Is the U.S. Constitution Important? CAREER PATH SHARE THIS PAGE Why Is the U.S. Constitution Important? Published: September 14, 2016 | Updated: November 18, 2019 Constitution Day is September 17th! Are you going to celebrate? Before you dismiss the idea of celebrating a piece of paper that’s almost 230 years old, you might want to consider just how important it is. The U.S. Constitution is at the foundation of every single law in America. It’s at the heart of how we think, act, and govern as Americans. History of the Constitution Once the American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776, they had to get down to the business of running their own country. The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation in 1777, which was later ratified by the 13 original colonies. But it soon became clear that in their effort not to be dominated by a strong central government like the one ruled by King George III, they’d made their new government too weak. In 1789, a new constitution was adopted that created a stronger centralized government that shared power among three branches: executive (President), legislative (Congress), and judicial (Supreme Court). That document remains at the bedrock of the way our entire country is run and has an impact on all of our citizens –even you. 10 Ways the Constitution Affects Your Life 1. You get to vote in the upcoming election (if you’re 18 and registered) 2. You can go to any church you choose 3. You can say (and write) what you want 4. You can own a firearm 5. You can gather in a group and participate in a protest 6. Your property can’t be searched without a warrant 7. You can’t be forced to testify against yourself 8. You can’t be discriminated against 9. You’re required to pay income tax 10.You can have an alcoholic beverage (if you’re of age)

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