The PodCast Doctor is IN! — PodCast class GREEDY PUBLISHERS BE DAMNED !

Arms, sheltering Arms, express the loving tenderness of your Father (My Father) in Heaven.  Man, in his trouble and difficulty, it needs nothing so much as a refuge.  A place to hide in. A place where none and nothing can touch him. Say to yourself, “He is our Refuge.” Say it until the truth sinksContinue reading “The PodCast Doctor is IN! — PodCast class GREEDY PUBLISHERS BE DAMNED !”

Hallo! August 1, 2021 3:32 pm

August 3 – Give Every Moment My children, how dear to my Heart is the cry of Love that asks for all of Me, that wishes every action, thought, word and moment to be Mine. How poor the understanding of the one who thinks that money to be used in this good work or that,Continue reading “Hallo! August 1, 2021 3:32 pm”

Lee Franke Cammack

onlizinenet.pictures70 Subscriber asking for prayers.Help with financial problems. To reach the side of God, you must not only exist, you must learn to live for that is His wish for all of us.  You ask how?  It is within each of us for that is where He lives. You will never find it with your mind, you must use your heart.Continue reading “Lee Franke Cammack”