Praise The Lord

we are still here, there, everywhere. we Are, not more thane He is, but… Harbored sin interfered with Spiritual Confessed sin, however, splices that as to restores what power we have. there’s so much we can do; then, now arrives a reset, a recalibration recalibration the being present to The Lord all that we thinkContinue reading “Praise The Lord”

Texas Correctional Institute 1991 ad\ blog abandoned in 2013? think that’s it, shoot-howdy-shucks, that’s about eight ago. sheeeit… 8-22-20 8:17 am 22 photos ·views? on October 2, 2011 play on these drums all day saw The Light David Buckle Third & Poplar 28202 David Buckle big-one 2008 David Buckle David Buckle asks some 5818932847_82d12df8ef_o David Buckle says heyContinue reading “Texas Correctional Institute 1991 ad”

June 17, 2021 ad @ 5.44.30 pm

MADD the3rdonlive the3rdonlivePost (opens in a new tab) June 14, 2o21 7:38.33 pm that we feel so comfortable plugging: this tint $3.oo little tub of the softest wax, no hard wax like some might assume… this is one of the best product’s experienced by DavidBuckle. & here IS it – a wonderful product for theContinue reading “June 17, 2021 ad @ 5.44.30 pm”