Thank you very much! hey here’s is a NC mountain radio! I wish it was easy or simple to describe what one feels about themselves. What I can definitely say is that I want to be more tolerant, accepting, informative, constructive and make this world a kinder place to live in. I believe we canContinue reading “Hello!”

ongoing letter to you.

just let U.S. wait on God’s direction; till then? ‘i’ should… Psalm 37 will rest in the Lord. Psalm 40 Psalm 18 His Hand covers U.S. hhhttttpppsss:playlist Do not waste time hear X’s for Eyes? pay an attention this is life, deal. Who knows a secret about our lives??? hint: He has it all plannedContinue reading “ongoing letter to you.”


the3rdon.live Wonder Bible Tips wear the full armor of God.  https://collactuiona.com/2020/10/226 HELPER those of our kids fighting, that insane and useless war that our brave sons and daughters who return to our country to face the same shit those named hero’s experienced, those same generational types will invade the shipyards, airport’s with those shameful signsContinue reading “the3rdone.live”

Never assume; ask Benny.

\o/ USMCSKIPIT?TO CONTENTHarold and MaudeNOVEMBER 26, 202O ADPATRIOTISM is ugly this time.DECEMBER 28, 2020 / DAVID / EDITwwWordPress.com/post/onlizinenet.blog the current stuff happening on OUR southern border is the works of a totalitarian; so loved by the dimwits who make up a last truly free nation on this galactic speck called Earth; that’s the way the CRISIS is in these United States.Continue reading “Never assume; ask Benny.”


SPIFFY facebook.com/kimbramusic dig talent… PLUG nifty 36214832.44 the3rdonlizine can be healthier is JANUARY 10, 2021  “I will be your savior; when theres no one, to save you” neat might be a possibility, doubtful… ah, so hoped for, when that discovery years ago when that one discovery’s still in it’s infancy. Nifty those idea were. but not asContinue reading “neat-o”

please, please avoid covid

CDC COVID 1.18.2021.5:4oPM I n b o x o d i g T.odd Rundgren Till Tuesday Aimee Mann Christopher Cross N. Hagen ( https://youtu.be/tJb1SG-uHDU ) Charlotte must be the place so it’s changing. onlizinenet.WordPress.com onlizinenet.blog YouTube/user?whoyoucallingauser?/notonlizinenet3 And by “it,” I mean “The White Album.” “I make no bones about it,” Rundgren says. “I think it’s aContinue reading “please, please avoid covid”