Thank you very much! hey here’s is a NC mountain radio! I wish it was easy or simple to describe what one feels about themselves. What I can definitely say is that I want to be more tolerant, accepting, informative, constructive and make this world a kinder place to live in. I believe we canContinue reading “Hello!”

ongoing letter to you.

just let U.S. wait on God’s direction; till then? ‘i’ should… Psalm 37 will rest in the Lord. Psalm 40 Psalm 18 His Hand covers U.S. hhhttttpppsss:playlist Do not waste time hear X’s for Eyes? pay an attention this is life, deal. Who knows a secret about our lives??? hint: He has it all plannedContinue reading “ongoing letter to you.”

Houston? we have a situation…

collection of image, from David to you, if i stop dancin’ look… he interview took place at the Science Museum in London in 2016. It was a wide-ranging Q&A, but one of the topics was the photography from the Moon mission. And as Aldrin answered questions, he let slip what felt to many like aContinue reading “Houston? we have a situation…”

Charlie Clayton

ATTENTION TO MY FRIEND WHO LET ME SEE, PHYSICAL LIKE, tHE cAROLINA tHEATRE IN 1996-7 RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE MAIN, PUBLIC LIBRARY IN 282o2, North Carolina, now that gem of a theatre already has major backing, funds and stuff; but it seems there is not enough gumption to build with this pandemuc a” stuff. ThisContinue reading “Charlie Clayton”