LIFE’s a test. pray for help. or not

We might not be able to see the wings your mother owns, but daily she does extraordinary things; selfless caring and full of love for her children and more. This is a message from up above. Both of your parents heroes to you and your siblings and regularly go far above for nothing. This worldContinue reading “LIFE’s a test. pray for help. or not”

February 4, 2021 8:33.43AM

.. David Buckle 8:56 PM (4 minutes ago) to dean, Dan, Tim, Sally, swimhelper, me 1/31/21 11:59.55AM Posted on January 31, 2021 by h Until the Holy Spirit does break us we might not awake. Avoid the flesh, avoid self-will. Let go. As long as you play God, even for yourself. Lay down your self-will. Be willing to be broken. It isContinue reading “February 4, 2021 8:33.43AM”

Hi there June 10, 4:28.19PM

okay rabbit… now, 8:012.59AM2421AD God has spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God. Psalm 62:11 “Just go step by step. My will shall be revealed as you go. You will never cease to be thankful for this time when you felt at peace and trustful, and yet had no human security.ThatContinue reading “Hi there June 10, 4:28.19PM” book Jan 18, 2021 wwwlastfmdaverave38sfavebands PHOTOGRAPHS and art and stuff… HEY LEE! – This is David Buckle, the entire collection of essay scribed to the treasure; one that was the prime discovery once David sat inside a virtual public library, at a 28202 treasure about 2-700 feet from THE CAROLINAContinue reading “ book”

please, please avoid covid

CDC COVID 1.18.2021.5:4oPM I n b o x o d i g T.odd Rundgren Till Tuesday Aimee Mann Christopher Cross N. Hagen ( ) Charlotte must be the place so it’s changing. YouTube/user?whoyoucallingauser?/notonlizinenet3 And by “it,” I mean “The White Album.” “I make no bones about it,” Rundgren says. “I think it’s aContinue reading “please, please avoid covid”

who can we trust?

Him and His Son / <davidb49/2020/12/28/816>< THINGS ARE HAPPENING: dig January 18, 2021 Leave a comment’s fave/bands PHOTOGRAPHS and art stuff… DavidinNCYTutube/b3xxQ WATCH ME DANCE! sheeeit… this so astonished me, but didn’t amaze. no, He does things often like this 1-8-2021 2:o3.08 PM don’t be harvested by demoncratz. Listen… “book 2” a few mo’ month – JanuaryContinue reading “who can we trust?”